Ode to my rosebush

Ode to my rosebush

I miss my rosebush that young men used to knock on my door for. During prom time kids would knock and ask if they could have roses for their dates. During the year, people would compliment my rose bush. We lost our home and it hurts but God will restore us one day soon. It was an old 5-story Italian built home with a wine cellar that looked like a living room but it was ours.
If you are wondering what the red roof is, it is the roof of a play-set that I had for my 13 year old Daycare that I had. I miss the kids. They come up to me now in restaurants andshopping malls saying, “Miss Essie!!!!! I miss you!” and they hug me. It feels good to know that I did something right in my life in addition to having Lex and Ja’red.
We’ve (my family) have felt quite misplaced since losing our home but we are still alive and breathing, trying to fit in with every town and city that we’ve moved to since, meeting new and interesting people. One day soon, God will give me my little house in the country where I can hear the birds sing, cook on my barbeque grill at 12 a.m. like we used to, invite loving friends and family and listen to the locusts croak with the rustling of bushes from hungry deer. One day soon……  (By the way, the house is not crooked, the sidewalk where the rosebush was goes uphill. I had to straighten the focus of the camera to get the rose bush. 🙂

Tithing/Giving Test for NBBI and some information.


Praise the Lord everyone.

Some of you have pleasantly completed the Basic Foundation of Christian Living for NBBI which consisted of the following studies in the typical and most familiar “student-school” form.  The Word of God in March/April, Fasting in April/May, Prayer in May/June, and Tithing/Giving in June/July. I must say that your grades are wonderful, please keep up the good work so that you may  teach someone else one day soon. God is good. The next lessons that you will receive will be more on a personal, teacher to student basis with less formalism in the notes. I will try to refrain from using the Skeleton Note formula and use more of a regular letter formula so that you can enjoy the lessons more. 

For those of you who have not communicated with me to let me know whether or not you were ready for the lessons, please do so when you feel led. This is a “learn at your own pace” system that we have formulated. It would not be good to watch anyone fall by the wayside with the cares of this life and not be able to learn what God would have you to know about the Kingdom. (King-dom…..the King’s Dominion.) As I have stated before, I send out lessons around the first of every month, giving everyone approximately 3 weeks to study and then I send the test out around the 21st of every month giving one week to take the test and send it back in. When I receive your test, that let’s me know that you are interested, therefore I will send out the new lesson with the receiving of every test. No test, no new lesson. Remember that God loves for us to remain teachable. We are never too ‘learn-ed’ to not be able to be taught. We never really do “arrive.” God’s people are ever-learning, prospering and growing in Christ Jesus.
For those who have studied up to Tithing/Giving, your test is simple. Please send an email or snail mail in one sentence or one entire page (front and/or back) explaining how you feel about tithing. There are no wrong answers. Relax and share your thoughts on the subject. That my friends, is the Tithing/Giving Test. You can find the snail mail address on the front of our main website (HQ=headquarters), which is printed below my signature. 
God bless and God’s speed to you!
Rev Esther R. Scott