Matthew 24 End Times (Bob and weave!)

Today’s prayer 20June12



Father God,
I wish to lift up to you today the prayer requests that we have received that we cannot handle ourselves on a personal basis but we have Faith that you can handle all things. You are the Creator of all things and we thank you for saving us from what the enemy of our souls would have for us. 
For every family and every person that asks us for prayer, we give them all to You. We see and are claiming the Victory in their lives as well as our own. May they be walking and living testimonies for Your Kingdom of Power and Love Elohim. 
Jesus we thank You for shedding Your blood and we are asking that you place it over our loved ones. Place Your Powerful Blood Lord over this group that has been attacked for so many years but we are still alive and loving. Let the enemy run…fast from us. There is something about the members of this group and the readers of this blog that the enemy hates Lord. he is trying to keep us down in every way that he can but You have given us Victory. Sometimes those that we thought were on our side left us as well before seeing Your blessings manifest in and through us. Bless them too Lord.
Raise a Standard when our enemies come in like a flood. Sometimes our own flesh can become our enemy. We bind that as well in Yeshua’s Holy name.
We claim over this website and it’s members….Victory, Success, Favor, Love, No Lack, Good Health, Fortune and Peace in Jesus, name, amen. We take back what the devil stole from us. We take it all back in Jesus name.
Thank you Abba (Father) for all that You have ALREADY done for us. We see it all and we are claiming what is already ours, in Jesus name, Amen and Amen.

Prayer Test Soon!


Praise God. I just wanted to remind all students that on Saturday, June 23rd the test for Prayer will be issued. You have one whole week to turn it in. July’s lesson is on “Giving/Tithing”.  Thank you and God bless all of you who wrote and said that you are enjoying the Prayer Lesson. 

Rev Essie