Thoughts on my family

Thoughts about my little family before bedtime

I raised my 2 kids. Soley paid for my youngest to go to college and he graduated. He is going to be 20 in one week. My oldest is going to be 25. It is awesome to see how God brought us all through this without any help but His. There had to be times when I was an embarrassment to my kids as I scrambled alone trying to get them through Cheerleading and Football but they hung in there with me. I am sure at some point they probably mumbled to one another but they still loved me and did not turn their backs on me. Even when I couldn’t finish helping my daughter through college and she had to quit. She still loves me.
God you have really been good to me and my children. I am ready to lay back and chill now. I am ready to se silent and watch and enjoy my little family now. The devil thought he had us a few times but we still came out smelling like a Rose. (Romans 8:28) I am now content. Lord we did a great job. Thankyou.