What the Lord is saying to you today by RevEssie

What the Lord is saying to you today. ~ By Rev. Esther R. Scott ~ 6:00 a.m.

The Lord has been giving me direction for quite some time now and I believe that it is finished although it may seem long and I am ready to pass it on to you as a believer on this 2nd day of January, 2013.

First, God is telling His people to learn to be ‘clandestine’. Upon looking up the word that the Lord had given me, one can see that He is plainly telling us to have secrecy, stealth, to be covert, and undercover. There are going to be times that God is going to give you directions that are not for the whole world to see but for you as His daughter and son. Everything is not meant to be shared on Facebook. His angels don’t know everything that He is doing so why should your Facebook friends? Some have friended you there just to ‘know your business’ so-to-speak. They could care less about being friends, they are covert with you yet you have no knowledge to be covert with them.

Next, prudent. To be shrewd in the management of your affairs. Cautious, discreet, provident, frugal, wisdom, marked by wisdom or judiciousness, polite, tactical, prim, puritanical and straight-laced. Don’t fall for the hype of man telling you that everything is going to be alright, just be you. No, God says, “Be ye holy for I AM holy.” How can the world tell the difference if you are acting just like them?

The next word shown to me is ‘commando’. Even upon certain confirmation, God has shown me that He wants you to act as one. A commando is sent to go in under a certain set of circumstances. He has made you unstoppable no matter how many giants that you see. What the giants don’t realize is the fact that God has already given to you what they are so closely guarding anyway. Go into the land of milk and honey with faith.

Be ‘tactical’. To do so means that you are to have a planned action for an accomplished end. Stop living so freely, allowing those that you suspect to lead you around with a nose-ring. Know Whose you are and follow Him. To be tactical is intended for a particular purpose, politic, prudent, wisdom. Manuevering forces in combat. (Jehovah Sabaoth) “The Lord of Hosts“. With your permission, God and His hosts will fight all of your battles. You’ve been doing it by yourself for too long now. The enemy wants you to think that you’ve given it all to God but you haven’t. Let go and let God. Just…let….go. It is your letting go skills that allows you to use available means to accomplish an end. It is your Mode of Operandi, (M.O.) your mode of procedure, approach, manner, method, style, system, technique.

One last message that was given to me that may seem simple to some but I believe was meant for somebody that God loves. I was given the words Gua Mada Padas. Gua is your RNA (RNA). It is what you are made of. God says that His anointing is automatically within you. No matter what it looks like on the outside you shall NEVER fail. You cannot. Unstoppable. This is why the enemy tries to make it look as though you will fail. He knows that you cannot. Do you? Be encouraged even during hard times. When you feel low and cannot seem to get it together, you may even be low in Vitamin B hence, Riboflavin which comes from the word Gua. Do not eat junk made by man but foods made by God HImself, milk, fresh meats, eggs, leafy vegetables. The lust for junk is killing our bodies no matter how strong our spirits may be. Vitamin B is also in hallow bullrushes by rivers. Reeds, Bamboo shoots. Mada/madere/madui/Madeo: A mat of rushes by rivers that is sodden, dripping. God wants you to be wet, sodden with His anointing. Soaked. Now padas: pades, po, (river) There are bullrushes by rivers. To Bullrush is also a game where you get into the defenders space and push them back 5 feet, etc. Take their place. It is interesting how certain Wetland flowering plants as reeds, cattail, punks, corn dog grass, raupo, starts underground growth. This is how the Lord wants you to be. Like Ginger, the Strawberry Plant, Potatoes, Chinese Lanterns, Horsetails, if broken into pieces, each piece can give rise to a new plant. It is your New Birth. It is a method as to how you will spiritually breed. It is a process known by farmers as ‘vegetative reproduction’. “By the rivers of the waters”….write your vision and make it plain.

Lastly, Colloquialism: Watch your manner of speaking: conversational, informal, non-bookish, non-formalistic, informal speech. Ditch the formalism so that others can understand you. It’s all in the way that you say things.
Jesus makes things easy, man makes it hard. Stay broken, be lead by Him. Yahwey, not our way.


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