Chronic Conjunctivitis? Try this….

I just went through something that I feel that I should share in case anyone else is going through or has gone through the same thing that I just did.

For years I had allergies like half of the people in the World. Every now and then I would get red eyes and they would itch like crazy. When I was younger I was afraid that I would end up ruining my left eye by rubbing it too much. Surely, my fear came to me and I wear glasses because my left eye has lost some sight. It’s not bad but enough to keep me from having Eagle Eyes like I used to brag about. People used to tease me because my eyes used to be huge and I never missed anything. The motto of my daycare that I had for 13 years was even “Eagle Eye Protection” and I never had a child mysteriously leave….not once.


Anywhoooo…..About two months ago I kept getting sick. My eyes would, (pardon the expression) juice up at night and when I woke up, they would be extremely crusty. I had to take 5 minutes to rub the crust out of my eye before I could get out of bed. And yes, it sometimes took up my morning prayer time. The devil stays busy.

I never saw my eyes that color. I knew that I have never had a drinking problem. My liver and kidneys are fine. Drinking a lot just wasn’t my thing in my hay-day. I never abused drugs of any kind. In fact, when the doctor told me that I had Diabetes, I was practically more mad about taking pills than the Diabetes. God‘s been doing something in that area too because my sugar levels had been steady for over a year now. Sometimes I feel like my pills make me sicker. My Uncle had it once and his pills were making him sick. He went to the doctor and the doctor told him that his Diabetes was gone so it’s very doable.

My daughter and I began to notice that my apartment was getting what we called “Attack Gnats.” Gnats are my enemy. I hated them in the Marine Corps and I still hate them now. We began to notice that these gnats literally attacked us every time we would make a dinner and attempt to eat or they would flitter up our noses and we had to suck in air through our mouths to blow it out through our nose. Most of the time the gnat was gone but it was just a horrible flittery-fluttery feeling. These gnats kept attempting to enter our noses or eyes. Ahhhhh! There it was!! The eyes. Something about these gnats and my eyes. My daughter said the same thing as well.

One day I looked it up on Google. Guess what I found? “Eye Gnats.” They thrive off of human or animal mucus or they lay eggs in your plants and continually attack you as long as you don’t know their source. Needless to say, I went out on the Balcony and dragged my plant with me that I had seen the gnats in. I took a 2 liter soda bottle with me full of water and pulled that plant out of that infested dirt and placed it in the water bottle.

No more Gnats! No more pestering. I can eat and sleep now. I just had to share that with you in case you may have been experiencing the same thing too. Sorry so nasty and maybe graphic with the wording but hey….gotta tell the truth for people to understand right?

Be blessed and eat and drink and be merry like God intended you to do. If the enemy sends any pestilence to you, bind it, or ask God to show you how to handle it. Amen?

Be blessed!


About Rev. Esther R. Scott

Rev. Esther R. Scott @RevEssie Singer/Preacher/Marine/Mother/Gold Affiliate/Song-Writer/Author Steelers Nation ·
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